Posted on 05th January 2018

Several UK universities adopt the Autism&Uni toolkit

Over the past few months we have worked with a number of UK universities to launch the Autism&Uni toolkit to help their autistic students’ transition into university. These are: University of Birmingham, University College London, University for the Creative Arts, University of Portsmouth and Leeds Beckett University. Each institution will use a customised version of the toolkit, adapted to the services, people and buildings available at that university.

The first students to use the toolkit will be those confirming their university places in Spring 2018, to start their studies in September. We will evaluate the impact of the toolkit on both the students and support staff.

About the toolkit

The Autism&Uni toolkit supports young autistic people during their transition from secondary education into higher education, by providing information, prompting positive action, encouraging reflection and developing self-advocacy. It is a key output from the multi-national Autism&uni project. The toolkit was developed using a participatory design approach, involving autistic students as co-designers and advisors throughout its creation. More information on the toolkit and how you can use it at your university.