Dear colleague,

Within the last year, you downloaded one or more of our Best Practice Guides.  These guides were one of the key outputs of the European-funded Autism&Uni research project, led by Leeds Beckett University.


We are conducting a short survey (2-3 minutes) to evaluate how the guides are used and to gather evidence of their impact. We would very much appreciate it if you could complete this survey. Depending on which guide you used, please follow the appropriate link below (you can complete more than one):

  1. Best Practice Guide for HEI Managers and Senior Academics
  2. Best Practice Guide for HE Lecturers and Tutors
  3. Best Practice Guide for Professionals Supporting Autistic Students

If, before taking the survey, you would like to read the guides again before responding, they are available here:

  1. HEI Managers and Senior Academics:
  2. HE Lecturers and Tutors:
  3. Professionals Supporting Autistic Students:

And if you passed on the guides to other colleagues, please forward this email to them.

Many thanks,

Marc Fabri
Autism&Uni Project Lead