Get involved (Archived – call for workshop participants)

Help us design and evaluate the interactive toolkit (UK only)

We are currently creating an interactive toolkit to support young people on the autism spectrum when they prepare for entering university, and during their first few months at university. The initial design of these tools is informed by our literature research and Europe-wide surveys, and from talking to young people with autism.

We may not get it right first time. So we need your help!

Throughout July 2015 we want to evaluate our toolkit in the United Kingdom, and involve potential future users in the design process. If you live in the UK and you are a young person on the autism spectrum (you must be older that 15) or you are the parent of a student on the autism spectrum, or an education institution, please sign up now.

We will contact you when our toolkit is ready for evaluating and will not use your details for any other purpose.

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