Posted on 01st July 2016

HCI International Conference session on “Designing for and with people on the autism spectrum”

Autism&Uni hosted hosted a special autism-themed session at this year’s Human-Computer Interaction International Conference in Toronto, Canada, 17-22 July 2016. The session was co-chaired by Dr Marc Fabri from Leeds Beckett University (UK) and Assistant Professor Debra Satterfield from University of California, Long Beach (USA).

The session covered new research on how interactive systems, products, environments and experiences can be designed effectively for users on the autism spectrum, and how users can participate in the design process. Participation is a key theme in current discourse, evidenced by the interest in this session. Following a double-blind peer review process, the following papers were accepted for inclusion:

  1. Exploring the role of adults in participatory design for children on the autism spectrum.
    Bryan Boyle & Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez
  2. The Triad of Strengths: A strengths-based approach for designing with autistic adults with additional learning disabilities
    Katie Gaudion & Liz Pellicano
  3. A Comparison of Data Collection Methods for Participatory Design Research for Children with ASD and Cognitive Disabilities
    Debra Satterfield, Sunghyun Kang, Christopher Lepage & Nora Ladjahasan
  4. Mobile devices as assistive technologies for ASD: experiences in the classroom
    David Roldan, Javier Gomez, Estefania Martín, German Montoro, Ana Márquez
  5. Human-Centered Design with Autistic University Students: Interface, Interaction and Information Preferences
    Marc Fabri & Penny Andrews
  6. The design of guidelines about how teachers and parents can use the iPads effectively for supporting children on the autism spectrum in the area of joint attention skills
    Chrysoula Mangafa, Louise Moody, Andree Woodcock & Alex Woolner

The session was held as part of DUXU 2016 (Design, User Experience and Usability). For full information please visit and