Posted on 25th May 2020

Newly published study sheds light on university experiences of autistic students

For the Autism&Uni project we explored the personal experiences of 16 autistic university students. We focused particularly on challenges encountered as well as successes stories. Whilst many showed amazing resilience, themes of anxiety, depression and mood difficulties were frequently mentioned. In this context, the importance of positive personal relationships, and the need for autism training and empathy amongst support professionals were highlighted.

Further, there is a clear need for universities to provide joined up academic and social support and to implement reasonable adjustments in an inclusive way. Whilst negative experiences dominated, there were notable examples of good support practice and high levels of personal resilience and determination amongst the participants. To inform future practice, we concluded by offering a set of recommendations for educators, support professionals and for students on the autism spectrum.

Read the full paper here (subscription-free access for a limited time):
Fabri, M., Fenton, G., Andrews, P., Beaton, M. (2020) Experiences of Higher Education Students on the Autism Spectrum: Stories of Low Mood and High Resilience. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education.


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