Posted on 16th October 2020

University of Bath launches the Autism&Uni toolkit to add to their range of transition services

Tash Hobbs, of the Disability Support Team at the University of Bath, explains how the Autism&Uni Toolkit adds an extra layer of support to their programme for students with autism spectrum conditions.

The Disability Service provides specialist advice throughout students’ time here at Bath, from pre-application to graduation and sits within Student Services. There are a range of joined-up teams within Student Services providing support to students and staff on matters such as student well-being, money advice and mental health support.

We recognise that students who have autism spectrum conditions may find the transition to university a particular challenge. We already offered two schemes to support them (see

  1. Beginning at Bath is a quiet pre-arrivals orientation event to provide information on university life and support available before the main arrival event.
  2. Our Campus Buddy scheme aims to match students with an ASC or social phobia with a trained volunteer student who can support them as they settle into their accommodation, course and peer friendships.

To further our support portfolio, we decided to adopt and adapt the Autism&Uni Toolkit, as a source of information that students can work through at their own pace, research topics which are relevant to them, and make informed decisions about key issues.

The Toolkit came with lots of articles about the university application process, things to consider when choosing accommodation and information about DSAs, among other information. It was very easy to adapt the toolkit to our institution’s requirements as the WordPress backend made the process simple.

We have added detailed information about the services and support that the University of Bath can offer to our autistic students, as well as details of the Bath Blend of online and in-person teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an ongoing project, which will grow and change as we add to and adapt the content, and we can temporarily remove articles which are not currently relevant, while keeping them ready for any future change in circumstances.

The Autism&Uni Toolkit will be promoted to prospective students, as well as to our current students who identify as being on the autistic spectrum, and staff members who work with these students.

Tash Hobbs
Disability Supportworker Co-ordinator

University of Bath

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