Posted on 03rd November 2020

University of Warsaw launches the Autism&Uni toolkit in Polish

The University of Warsaw is the biggest higher education institution in Poland, offering courses to about 50,000 students in 21 departments. A part of the educational mission of the University is to make studying equitable and accessible for everyone, including neurodiverse students.

In November 2019, the University received major funding from the European Commission to increase its accessibility for students with disabilities. The project, called ‘The University for all – level up’, covers a wide range of actions from adapting the physical environment through improving disability services to offering specialised training to academic teachers.

Dr Mateusz Płatos from the Faculty of Psychology leads the project. He discovered the Autism & Uni toolkit and decided it would complement the other resources under development very well. After several months of adaptation, translation and amendments the toolkit has now been launched.

More information about the Level Up project is at (in Polish)

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