Posted on 16th February 2017

Special conference session at HCII 2017 in Vancouver, Canada

Autism&Uni project lead Marc Fabri will host a session on “Designing for and with people on the autism spectrum” at the Human-Computer Interaction International conference in Vancouver, Canada, 9-14 July 2017 (

It is the second time that researchers and practitioners come together under the HCII umbrella to discuss these topics, following a successful session at HCII 2016. Marc’s co-host is Debra Satterfield, Associate Professor at California State University Long Beach, USA.

Presenters will share their research on how interactive systems, products, environments and experiences can be designed effectively for users on the autism spectrum, how these systems can work towards autistic strengths, and how autistic people can actively participate in the design process. This session is part of the conference’s thematic area Design, User Experience and Usability (DUXU). For full information visit

Session programme:

  1. TEA Band: An Interactive System to Aid Students with Autism Improve their Social Interactions Fernanda Bonnin and Victor M. Gonzalez ITAM, Computer Engineering Department, Mexico City, Mexico
  2. Let’s Play (While Far Away)! Using Technology to Mediate Remote Playdates for Children with Autism Annuska Zolyomi, Ankitha Bharadwaj, Jaime Snyder University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
  3. Technology as an Extension of the Self: Socialising through Technology for Young People with Autism Lye Ee Ng Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
  4. Connecting through Kinect: Designing and Evaluating a Collaborative Game with and for Autistic Individuals Kristen Gillespie, Gabriel Goldstein, David Shane Smith, Ariana Riccio, Michael Kholodovsky, Cali Merendino, Stanislav Leskov, Rayan Arab, Hassan Elsherbini, Pavel Asanov, Deborah Sturm College of Staten Island, The City University of New York, NY, USA
  5. User Participatory Methods for Inclusive Design and Research in Autism: A Case Study in Teaching UX Design Debra Satterfield, California State University Long Beach, Los Angeles, USA Marc Fabri, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK